​Watching the triangle flower of Moc Chau 2017

Do not hesitate anymore to carry a balo to Moc Chau watching the sky in the clear plate. Remember on the triangles of flowering triangular flowers full of attachment. Enjoy the feeling cool, cool when the dew drops on the leaves become a frosty flower, sparkling ...

Referring to the triangle flower circuit, we all think that it is a flower associated with the land of Ha Giang. But if you come to Moc Chau in the early days of October, you will be surprised to see that the Moc Chau flower triangle has blossomed. To serve the needs and attract more visitors to Moc Chau, many households have successfully planted triangular flowers in this land.

Point of growing triangle flowers in Moc Chau
Along the road from Hanoi to Moc Chau you will not be hard to see the triangle flower wall planted directly on the highway, very convenient for visitors to take pictures.

From Moc Chau Farm Town, go about 5 km towards Tan Lap, you will see the triangle flower garden lying alternating tea hills on the way to the Five Kingdoms.

Presently, when coming to Moc Chau Flower Garden to photograph, visitors will have to pay from 10 to 20 thousand VND per person, without any time limit. The triangle flower garden is located next to the tea hill, so when you come here you can just take tea, just took a triangle flower.

Coriander vines are planted in Moc Chau, you should ask local people to find the most beautiful flower field.

Watching the triangle flower of Moc Chau 2017
The glamorous beauty of the highlands will awaken the emotions sublimated in the soul of each person. Awaken nostalgia in the hearts of those who love the beauty, like conquering the wonders of nature. Coming to Moc Chau, you will see the triangular flower blooms from rice bran, corn eyebrows. The rustic flowers are the petals of the cone, the three sides of the triangle held in the middle of the circuit vessels. When it blooms, within a month, the flowers are white, after turning pink, light purple , and finally dark red. Flowers grow in the field, when the warping of flowers, when hidden in the hiding in the stone. Wild flowers with fierce vitality but noble features with white - pink color as the embodiment of love, happiness, attracted the couple to come for wedding photography.

Picture of the land and sky collection Super spectacular that romantic seemingly fascinating, more attractive with white roses stretching mountain tops in the season flowers triangle Moc Chau.

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