Tea heart of Moc Chau

Moc Chau is fascinating with the hills of green tea or spring balm still attractive to strange. Especially, this place also has a tea tree shape Heart symbol of vitality and love, the farmer cleverly create and become an impressive destination for tourists near and far.

- Coming here when it is beautiful, the mountain landscape is wide, golden sunshine as dancing on the green tea beds, opening the line highlight of the tea tree Tim ... easy to make couples more romance, and the group is more excited to shape the fancy frames.

- Or to the left Hill of Hearts at a rattan slope down the hill, highlight the space with mist, the sparkling drops of water glittering on the leaves, add a little cold of Moc Chau plateau ... easy make people like the dream place that some poetic character.

* Road to the tea-tree Heart (about 15km northeast of the town of Moc Chau) - From the town, you follow the road to Le Thanh Nghi street - through the market km 70, turn left along the provincial road. 104 - via Moc Chau Township Farmer's Office about 4km, then turn right about 1km to the left Hill of Tim (located on the way to Ngu Dong Ban, and sign board at this intersection). You can view markup on the map for easy visualization.

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